BobsledCome and experience a once in a lifetime experience at Latvians world class Bobsled track. Descend from a height of 121 meters and turn into 17 steep turns and achieve speeds of 120 km/hr. Weather it's summer or winter the track is open. Special wheels are used during warm months. A special instructor at the bobsled track will coach you on all the basics to learn how to run the coarse in specially designed amateur bobsleigh. Imagine that you are racing as the famous bobsledder Todd Hayes!


Price includes transportation, guide, instructor, equipment, and two slopes.



          Groups of 6 persons: 50 per person. *

*Price for groups of six or more can be negotiated.

Laser Tag

 Lazer Tag Laser tag is popular with most fun seeking people because it uses no physical projectiles. But it has all the thrills of paintball. Laser tag uses hand held laser emitting devices which rays can be detected on the other players detection device. The laser tag play area is 200 sq. meters which is equipped with special lighting and sound effects. Laser tag can be played with children and or adults. Before each game players can determine number of lives and shots and even odds between novice players and experienced players. Laser tag is very popular for parties, corporate events and any fun loving thrill seeking people.


Price includes transportation, instructor, guide equipment and one hour game.



           Groups of 6 persons: 35 euro per person.

 *Price for groups of six or more can be negotiated.


 Paintball - a fun and exciting game!

 Paintball uses compressed air guns loaded with small round paintballs. The object of the game is to shoot your enemy as many times as possible. The battles take place on a special peninsula approx 10 hectares round on private land. Three sides surrounded be a scenic river. Thick pine forest, steep hills provide a spectacular background for the paintball game of your life.

Their are a total of twelve stations that are set up for the most realistic combat situation you can imagine!


Kanzas City

Drop Zone


Frontline Town

Vietnamese Village

Forest bastion                                             

Omaha Beach







Before the game ,all players are trained and informed on the rules of the game. A judge instructor will be present for safety and security to provide a perfectly safe experience.  


Price includes transportation, guide, instructor equipment, 50 paintballs and 4 hours of play.



            Groups of 6 persons: 35 euro per person.

 *Price for groups of six or more can be negotiated.



ATV tour

 ATV tour Go for an ATV tour of a secluded part of Latvia to experience the beauty of our enchanted country. Ride a quad through sand and then through a forested corner of the wilderness to a body of water only accessible with quad bikes. After we arrive take a nice half hour hike with a guide to see the seclusion of the forest. The guide will help with any haphazard that may accrue, as some parts of the course can be challenging, even for the most experienced at quad enthusiast! 


 Price includes transportation, guide, and 30 minute nature hike.



           Groups of 5 persons: 50 per person.

 *Price for groups of five or more can be negotiated.


 Go kart Did you know that Riga has a world class go kart race track? Well indeed it does! A straight away that reaches 70 meters lets you develop maximum speed as you will race through one of the most modern bridge tunnel systems available. With safety in mind, all the barriers are the highest quality and our experienced instructor will give you instruction to achieve maximum speed safely. An interesting note is that Michael Schumacher began his career go karting.


Price includes transportation, guide, plus results of the race and prizes for best laps!



         Groups of 6 persons: 50 per person.

 *Price for groups of six or more can be negotiated.


Ropes Course

 Ropes Course Rope bridge in the trees!

  Enjoy a fascinating walk through the tree tops in Sigulda Park. This route was created through the tree tops in the scenic old growth trees in Sigulda Park. Enjoy fresh air and walking off the forest floor from 2 to 17 meters their are 82 different obstacles to transverse. Depending on what your skill level is their are six different routes to take. If you would like to tackle all six courses it would take approx 2 hours to do. You will encounter rope ladders, swings, bridges, nets and other various obstacles. Children and adults can enjoy this tour together.

Tours of Turaida Museum and Cesis Castle Wended can be incorporated into the same package.


Price includes transportation, guide, instructor and equipment. .



           Groups of 6 persons: 35 euro per person.

 *Price for groups of six or more can be negotiated.


 Zorb      Zorb is the new sport from New Zealand which incorporates a large clear inflated balloon which you are suspended inside and propelled down the side of a hill. This is a dizzying,adrenaline filled experience you wont forget!


 This activity includes two downhill experiences and transportation and a guide for a zorbing extravaganza.



          Groups of 6 persons: 40 per person. *

*Price for groups of six or more can be negotiated.


Bungee Jump

 Bungee Jump Come Bungee Jump inside the most beautiful National Park in Latvia "Sigulda National Park". Jump right off of the cable car 50 meters off the winding river. Some of the most breath taking views of Sigulda National Park are seen as you Bungee Jump into the ravine! For those of you which is most of us who are not experienced bungee jumpers jump in tandem with an experienced guide!


Price includes transportation, guide, instructor and jump.



          Groups of 5 persons: 65 per persons. *

*Price for groups of 5 or more can be negotiated.


Aerodium Come enjoy the unforgettable experience of the Aerodium wind tunnel. This is the only what to experience the adrenaline rush of a real skydive without leaving the ground! Inside the wind tunnel you will experience the same rate of air flow that you would feel actually jumping from an airplane. After a 30 minute presentation with a qualified flight instructor you will enter the wind tunnel after being fitted with a special suit, goggles, helmet and gloves with an instructor to experience the sensation of a lifetime.

Actually flying up in the air inside the wind tunnel defying gravity as if you were really skydiving!


Price of adventure includes transportation, guide, instructor, equipment and wind tunnel.



          Groups of 6 persons: 60 per person. *

*Price for groups of six or more can be negotiated.

Shooting Range

Shooting range Shoot military weapons at several different targets at a range

of over 25 meters. Experienced or beginners are welcome to shoot in Riga. Instructors will give you lessons on all weapons. The smell of gunpowder fills the air as your adrenalin pumps through your veins with every round fired! Women as well as men are welcome to shoot all weapons of choice.




Shooting Saiga 

 -  Automatic Saiga based AK-47




Glok 17 pistol                        

                           Glock 17 pistol





Winchester.     -  Winchester



Price of adventure includes transportation, guide, instructor, equipment.


Price:           3 types of weapon shot 25:


                     15 x Glok 17

                       5 x Winchester

                       5 x Saiga

Groups of 5 persons: 50 per person. *


* Prices are determined by the amount of rounds one wants to fire, discounts to groups of five or more.




Skeet Shooting

Skeet Shooting  Shoot skeet at our rifle range in Riga, and see if you

can beat the world famous skeet shooter Kim Rhode. Our skeet range mimics different angles of flight with the clay pigeons to give a feel of real birds in flight. Before shooting our instructor will give lessons on safety and how to shoot. Test your reflexes and see if you have the hunter instinct inside of you! 


Price includes 25 clay skeet's, transportation, guide and instructor.



             Groups of 4 persons: 50 per person. *

 * Price for groups of 4 or more can be negotiated.


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