Turaida Museum

Turaida Museum  The property of the Turaida Museum consists of over 42 hectares,

on which sit 39 historic buildings. Gauenskie Lives were the ancient inhabitants of this territory. Turaida translates to God's garden in the ancient language of Livonian. On display are the exhibits of over 5000 artifacts found during the excavation. Some of the most interesting are an ancient kiln, brewery, weapons, gold silver and copper coins, arrowheads etc.

  The experience of this place will really leave you with a sense of what life was like in this place over a thousand years ago. It is recommended to passably combine your visit with activities like Budgie Jumping, Aerodium soaring Bobsledding as these activities are close by.


 Price includes transportation, guide and tour.



           Groups of 5 persons:   45 per person.


 *Price for groups of five or more can be negotiated. 

Old Riga

Old Riga   Old Riga - medieval part of the city.

 See ancient architecture, cobbled streets as you walk through the most romantic beautiful part of the Riga. Our guide will point out heritage sites and specially designated parts of the Riga and its origins. The city is doted with magnificent churches, church spires, and narrow streets with all different types of restaurants.  The Old Town is unique and charming and is included in the world heritage list of UNESCO.

During the excursion you will get acquainted with the magnificent sights of the Old Town such as:


St. Jacob’s Cathedral

House of the Blackheads

The Cat House

The Powder Tower

The Small Guild

St. Peters cathedral

Riga castle

The Swedish Gate

Konventa seta

The Dome

"Three Brothers" etc.


The price includes the tour of about 2 hours.



          Groups of 5 persons: 15 euro per person. *

  Large groups of great discounts!!!

*Price for groups of five or more can be negotiated.

Art Nouveau in Riga

Art Nouveau in Riga Art Nouveau began in the late 19th century in Latvia.

  In the 20th century, nearly 40% of high rise buildings in Riga were built in the Art Nouveau style. There are nearly 800 structures built in the Art Nouveau style in Riga. Not only in the Old Riga part of town but scattered throughout the city there are many examples.
 Tours of the city concentrating on the Art Novenas architecture of the city will leave the connoisseur amazed as well as the novice.




          Groups of 3 persons: 15 euro per person. *

  Large groups of great discounts!!!

*Price for groups of 3 or more can be negotiated.

Rundale Palace

   Rundal PalaceRundal Palace is located in the south of Latvia.

  It was built by the Russian architect Francesco Bartolmeo Rastrelli.

  Along with the original construction of the palace, in the autumn of 1739 a park / garden was commissioned to be built consisting of 1885 oaks, 45005 chestnut, 328185 linden trees. The immense garden / park spans over 60 acres surrounding the Rundale Palace complex. This place has to be seen to be believed. 138 rooms on two floors with a main Gran gallery room house art exhibits. During summer months fountains, outdoor theaters, garden parties are available to visitors.

A must see destination when visiting Latvia.

If you can not rest in Riga, we offer you virtually enjoy the splendor Rundale Palace.


Price includes transportation, guide and tour.



            Group from 5 person: 60 per person.

 *Price for groups of five or more can be negotiated.

Cesis Castle

Cesis Castle

   A structure built around 1209, this castle has a rich history as it was built by German crusaders to support the conquest of Estonian lands. During the 18th century the castle was abandon and used a source of building materials for other nearby projects.

  In 1777 Count Von Sievers began to build a baroque manor from the ruins, and today it is a marvelous example of a medieval castle building. Get a lot of impressions of the tour by visiting Cesis medieval castle.

 Immerse yourself in the story of the head during your Vacation in Riga


 Price includes transportation, guide and tour.



            Groups of 5 persons:   45  per person. * 


 *Price for groups of five or more can be negotiated. 


Bike tour  If you know how to ride and shift gears you can take bike tours to different parts of Latvia. Right now in Latvia there are over 150 cycle routes for the novice to the expert cyclist.

  Our expert guides can take you for a history filled bike tour through the City of Riga or a toure to the beaches of Jurmala. Don't worry if you are not a very experienced bike rider as our expert guides can custom tailor a bike ride to match your ability.

  One of our best tours in Jurmala, of course stretches next to the water including sand beaches and dense forest.

  Price includes bike rental and tour guide to be determined by the tour you choose.


Popular routes:

10 km - Riga

15-20 km - Jurmala

16-50 km - Sigulda

42 km - Valmiera - Cesis



           Groups of 5 persons: from 20 per person.

 *Price for groups of five or more can be negotiated.


Museum of Motor Vehicles

Motor Museum

  The "Riga Motormuzejs" as rated one oh the five best technical

museums in Europe. It houses more than one hundred exhibits in spacious halls. The exhibits consist of motorcycles and cars from the twentieth century, from cars, motorcycles and mopeds made in Latvia from before XX, to special Military equipment from the Soviet era.The exhibit is constantly updated.


Price includes transportation, entrance fee, 1 Hour tour and thirty minutes free time.



           Groups of 5 persons: from 20  per person.

Large groups of great discounts!!!


 *Price for groups of five or more can be negotiated.


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