Turaida Museum

Turaida Museum  The property of the Turaida Museum consists of over 42 hectares,

on which sit 39 historic buildings. Gauenskie Lives were the ancient inhabitants of this territory. Turaida translates to God's garden in the ancient language of Livonian. On display are the exhibits of over 5000 artifacts found during the excavation. Some of the most interesting are an ancient kiln, brewery, weapons, gold silver and copper coins, arrowheads etc.

  The experience of this place will really leave you with a sense of what life was like in this place over a thousand years ago. It is recommended to passably combine your visit with activities like Budgie Jumping, Aerodium soaring Bobsledding as these activities are close by.


 Price includes transportation, guide and tour.



           Groups of 5 persons:   45 per person.


 *Price for groups of five or more can be negotiated. 


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