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  Our best suggestion to spend your free time in Riga, is with the company of one of our lovely female tour guides.

  It doesn't matter whether you want to experience our beautiful city in the morning, afternoon or nighttime, our lovely female tour guides can show you a great time in down town Old Riga, a day trip to Jurmala or bar hopping the local pubs on a Saturday night. If desired you could have one of our guides meet you at the airport and take you directly to your hotel. All of our girls our friendly, well educated and agreeable to whatever plans you may have in mind. All of our tour guides are constantly updating their knowledge of events and news of local happenings so you wont miss a single activity in our wonderful city on the Baltic. Beware of tour books and blogs witch may be manipulated to steer traffic into certain areas and pubs which may actually have a bad reputation.

  Please be aware that it is not advised to ask our female private tour guides to come into your hotel room for any dubious offers. This service does not imply anything other than that which is stated above.

  Thank you for your understanding and we wish you a pleasant time in Riga Please check our web sight for information on tours of architecture or a more active vacation in Riga. We list daily activities and events.


Price: 15 /hours




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